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    Here are details of my children’s books and where you can buy them: Nanny Pastry and the Nimble Ninjabread Man. When they make a baking mix up and create a ninjabread man, can they catch him before he causes mischief and mayhem? This laugh out loud take on the story of the gingerbread man is a modern classic and is a tale that children and adults can enjoy together. Available at all good bookstores. The Girl Who Dreamed of Sleep teaches children about healthy sleep habits. Sophia is tired. She can’t concentrate, she’s clumsy and the only way she can stay awake is with lots of sugary foods. One day…

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    children's books

    The Girl Who Lost Her Listening Ears

    My first children’s book is published! Please click here to order a copy of the Girl Who Lost Her Listening Ears. This is a humorous story about a girl who loses her listening ears. She retraces her steps from the previous day but can she find them? With craft inspired artwork, this is an original story that adults and children can enjoy together.