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    Rise of Dragons urban fantasy series

    I am loving the artwork for my debut urban fantasy series! You can order Book 1: Awakening here. If you can’t wait for the next book, click here for your free copy of the prequel: Kobold Clean-Up. The series follows Amethyst, a half-dwarf jeweller and weaponsmith, as she deals with kidnappings, crazy cults and dragons. “Don’t even worry about it!” – Amethyst Haernson Book 1: Awakening She wants a quiet life. They want to awaken a slumbering dragon. Can she survive an encounter with a cult and rescue her friend?Amethyst is a half-dwarf jeweller and weaponsmith who just wants to improve sales in her shop in a popular Cardiff arcade.…

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    children's books

    Children’s Books

    Here are details of my children’s books and where you can buy them: The Girl Who Dreamed of Sleep teaches children about healthy sleep habits. Sophia is tired. She can’t concentrate, she’s clumsy and the only way she can stay awake is with lots of sugary foods. One day she decides to go for a walk and meets lots of animals who have suggestions on how she can improve her sleeping habits…but can she really get a good night’s sleep. Order at amazon today! The Boy Who Dreamed of Sleep teaches children about healthy sleep habits. It is the same story as The Girl Who Dreamed of Sleep with a…

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    children's books

    The Girl Who Lost Her Listening Ears

    My first children’s book is published! Please click here to order a copy of the Girl Who Lost Her Listening Ears. This is a humorous story about a girl who loses her listening ears. She retraces her steps from the previous day but can she find them? With craft inspired artwork, this is an original story that adults and children can enjoy together.

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    Excerpt from my book about listening…

    An excerpt from The Girl / Boy who lost her/his Listening Ears, a children’s book about losing (and finding) “listening ears”, inspired by P & J who lose theirs a lot! “Poppy…Poppy…POPPY!” yelled her mum. Nothing. She marched across the bedroom, pulled the covers back from the bed and shook Poppy’s shoulder. Poppy rolled over and opened her eyes. “Poppy, time to get up.” Poppy blinked. It was no good, she couldn’t hear anything. Her mother stared and mouthed…something. She pointed to the mirror. Poppy walked over and her mouth dropped. She had lost her listening ears. There, on her head, where once two ears had stuck out proudly, there…