Fantasy Fiction

I am loving the artwork for my debut urban fantasy series! You can order Book 1: Awakening here.

If you can’t wait for the next book, click here for your free copy of the prequel: Kobold Clean-Up.

The series follows Amethyst, a half-dwarf jeweller and weaponsmith, as she deals with kidnappings, crazy cults and dragons.

Don’t even worry about it!” – Amethyst Haernson

Book 1: Awakening

She wants a quiet life. They want to awaken a slumbering dragon. Can she survive an encounter with a cult and rescue her friend?
Amethyst is a half-dwarf jeweller and weaponsmith who just wants to improve sales in her shop in a popular Cardiff arcade. When her best friend gets kidnapped, she’s dragged into a world of cults and dragons. Not to mention hate at first sight with an arrogant elf!

Concept artwork