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    Exes and Enchantments – Book 5 in the Omensford series

    Available to order now If Jessica Fletcher worked in IT, lived in the UK and had magic, you’d get this series Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger in the Cotswolds, a string of enchanted objects make Omensford residents act out fairy tales in the worst ways. So the last thing Fi needs is for her suffocating ex to turn up and distract her from solving the mystery and her budding relationship with a certain doctor. How can Fi confront her feelings of inadequacy, put her ex in the past and decide if she can commit to a new relationship whilst also finding out who’s behind the evil…

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    Author Interview – Andrew Claydon

    This month, I caught up with fellow Brit fantasy author Andrew Claydon to chat about how he started writing and favourite authors. His latest book, Strange Companions, is out on 5 December and if you like reluctant heroes, irreverant fantasy references and chickens, I recommend you check it out. So, Andrew, tell us about yourself. That’s a toughie, because I can come up with all kinds of stories and characters, but ask me to talk about myself and I draw a blank. I suppose the first thing to know about me is that I’m a guy living his best life being an author. I’ve always thought I had one book…

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    Author Interview – JR Handley

    A while back, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by JR Handley, and now we’re in an anthology together (check out Slay Bells Ring now!), I thought I’d return the favour and introduce you all to this awesome author. So, JR, tell us about yourself.So, who am I? This is the existential question that my years of college prepared me for! That whole semester of that Philosophy 101 Class gives me insight here. Ittells me that this question is everything and nothing, all at the same time. The Schrodinger’s Question of interviews.So, who am I? I am a father and a son. I am a soldier because that is…

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    Bedsocks & Broomsticks – Chapter 1

    Read on for a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of my new release Bedsocks and Broomsticks (out on 31 October!). This is a cosy, witchy urban fantasy with a touch of mystery, set in the Cotswolds. Think Murder She Wrote meets Jam & Jerusalem meets magic…now read on: “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” Fi kept her face neutral as she watched the young man in a suit through the video chat. “Of course I have!” “Right, OK, let me have a look,” her tone was blank, but she didn’t believe him. Her power flickered under her skin. She forced it down. Her shift was nearly…

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    The latest Rise of the Dragons book is here!

    Book 6 – Fated Bloodlines is now available on amazon! I love this cover! And the series has been described as Bridget Jones meets Lord of the Rings – which I think is an awesome description! No weapons, no wedding! Hunted by an enemy, can she survive or will it end in fire and blood? After Lorandir proposes, Amethyst thinks she’s finally getting her happy ever after…until she’s summoned to the Dwarven Arms Council and has to navigate the dwarven city with an elf fiancé in tow. Caught between trying to survive ancient prejudices, an unknown attacker and the weird world of wedding planning, she must confront an old enemy…

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    The latest Rise Of The Dragons book is here!

    Book 5: Attack on Avalon is out now! And check out the cover – this might be my favourite one yet! Can she survive an ancient evil or will it end in fire and blood? New boyfriend, new flat; Amethyst’s life is going well. Until she’s ported into the mystical realm of Avalon where she must battle an ancient enemy to protect the known universe. If you like sarcasm, magic and British settings, you’ll enjoy this book.

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    Author Interview – Jamie Davis

    Last year, I was lucky enough to have a short story selected for an urban fantasy anthology and I connected with one of my co-authors for his podcast to chat about magic roundabouts (you can find the show here). Now his Extreme Medical Services book is on sale ($0.99 or free in Kindle Unlimited – seriously this is a bargain people!) and I was delighted to catch up with him again. So Jamie, tell us a bit about yourself. I consider myself something of a wandering soul. I’ve done many things over the course of my life, from TV audio engineer, to mr. Mom, to paramedic, to nurse. I even…

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    Christmas Short Story

    Spoiler alert – this short story is set after Equinox Betrayal, book 3 in the Rise of Dragons series so you might want to finish reading that first… Amethyst & Lorandir’s First Christmas Together I stalled the car as I pulled up outside my family home. Marco had leant us his ancient Volkswagen while he was back in Italy for Christmas and I had cursed the old car and its sticky windscreen wipers the whole journey. We couldn’t even listen to any decent music as the radio was permanently tuned to BBC Radio Four and I was starving after hearing about alternative Christmas roasts for the last hour. I slammed…

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    Author Interview – Katie Zaber

    I caught up with author Katie Zaber, author of DNA Angels N Demons for a quick interview this month. Katie Zaber knows the best way to decide who is cooking dinner is with a Nerf gun fight in the living room. Her boyfriend is an exceptional cook. When she isn’t baking, reading, or going to wine tastings, she’s busy planning her next trip to Six Flags Great Adventure or Long Beach Island, New Jersey. As a child, her parents would read stories about Atlantis and other fictional places that she dreamed of exploring, fueling her love of history, adventure, and fantasy. These days, she finds herself captivated by her many…

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    5 tips to help you sleep

    Did you know that adults need between 7-8 hours sleep a night? Who’s actually getting that much sleep at the moment – almost everyone I speak to wants more sleep and better quality sleep. It’s really important to get a great night’s sleep – it impacts everything from mood to concentration. My new books follow Sophia and Noah who are tired, grumpy, can’t concentrate and rely on sugar to keep them awake. In the stories, they meet some animals who share tips to help them develop healthy sleeping habits. I wanted to share some top tips to get a good night’s sleep (even if I don’t always follow them!): 1.      Have…