Gemma loves writing and started publishing her stories during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown. As well as her debut urban fantasy series, Rise of Dragons, she writes children’s books and has a craft blog.

She lives with her family and their two cats in Wiltshire, UK. In her spare time, Gemma enjoys crafts of all kinds and playing board games.

You can find out more and get free short stories at www.gemmaclatworthy.com

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Children’s books:

Her latest children’s books – the Girl who Dreamed of Sleep and the Boy who Dreamed of sleep – promote healthy sleeping habits for children struggling to get to sleep.

Her first non-fiction work – Coronavirus in the words of children – shares children’s perspectives of lockdown life, coronavirus and how school is different now with over 100 responses by children. Ranging from humorous to heartfelt, this book makes you think and is a great read for both children and adults. All author proceeds from this book go to NHS Charities Together.

She was inspired to write her first book – the Girl who Lost her Listening Ears – during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown as her children seemed to lose their listening ears frequently! They have since found them and all are living harmoniously in Wiltshire, UK with her family and two cats.