cover of Cream Teas and Crystal Balls, a woman holding a crystal ball with a gold dragon in front of her
urban fantasy

Cream Teas and Crystal Balls

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Family can be murder

Still unemployed, Fi’s moved back in with her overbearing mother and is stumbling through village life and forging a romantic relationship with a tall, dark doctor who happens to be linked to the god of death.

When Fi’s oldest friend and current employer is killed just after a long lost great-niece shows up, Fi doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. But no one else agrees and she’s forced to investigate on her own, with a bit of help of her sarcastic dragon familiar. How can she prove her theory and catch a killer? Will she ever find a job? And what exactly are her feelings for Dr De’ath?

If Jessica Fletcher worked in IT, lived in an English village and had magic, you’d get this book.

If you like cozy British settings, sarcasm and witches, you’ll enjoy this series.

Written in UK English.

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