• cover of Bedsocks and Broomsticks - a witch holding a ball of electricity
    urban fantasy

    Omensford Series

    This is a cosy urban fantasy series with a dash of murder mystery – think Jessica Fletcher if she worked in IT, lived in an English village and had magic! Book 1: Bedsocks and Broomsticks Village Fetes can be murder. When Fi’s electrical powers cause her to be fired from her job, the last thing she wants to do is help the Witches’, Wizards’ and Warlocks’ Institute host the annual Halloween Fete. But when a judge collides with her, she’s thrown into a murder investigation…as the prime suspect. Can she clear her name and catch the real killer? Jam and Jerusalem meets Midsomer Murders meets magic. If you like cozy…

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    Bedsocks & Broomsticks – Chapter 1

    Read on for a sneak peek at Chapter 1 of my new release Bedsocks and Broomsticks (out on 31 October!). This is a cosy, witchy urban fantasy with a touch of mystery, set in the Cotswolds. Think Murder She Wrote meets Jam & Jerusalem meets magic…now read on: “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” Fi kept her face neutral as she watched the young man in a suit through the video chat. “Of course I have!” “Right, OK, let me have a look,” her tone was blank, but she didn’t believe him. Her power flickered under her skin. She forced it down. Her shift was nearly…