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Author Interview – Heather G Harris

So, Heather, I know you from a UK writers group we’re part of, but for those who don’t know you, tell us about yourself.

I am a thirty something mum getting a second chance at life. I was a lawyer. That was great, it helped people but… it was super stressful. And my bosses wouldn’t let me work flexible hours or pick up my kids from school, which sucked. Writing became my retreat during the pandemic. I hit publish and a year later I’m incredibly lucky that it is now my actual job. It’s a weird job, you basically invite people to have a snoop around in your mind. So far, people have been kind and no one has pointed out that the place could use a good dusting.

And tell me about Glimmer of the Other.

It’s a feel good book, designed to yank the reader through a good mystery while the protagonist, Jinx, learns about a whole new magical realm she never knew existed. It’s a twisty turny tale with a sprinkle of romance and found family vibes.

It’s a great book! Can you tell us more about Jinx?

Jinx lost her parents. She was struggling with her grief and her place in life. We’ve all experienced loss. I’ve had more than my fair share recently and writing my way through Jinx’s grief has been cathartic for me.

In what way?

My mum, nana, aunt and uncle all died in a couple of years. And that sucked. My mum was a fantasy author herself and she would have gotten a real kick out of my writing. Those losses are at the root of my writing.

Sorry about your losses, it’s really tough to lose someone you love, but it sounds like it’s really inspired you. Who or what else inspires you to write?

Anything fantasy or sci fi is a great start. Anne McCaffrey was a huge influence on me as a young un. Helen Harper is my current favourite author. She’s really amazing, she writes the best urban fantasy around. I recently discovered L A McBrides work which I’ve devoured. She’s up and coming. One to watch!

And where can we find you?

I’m everywhere haha! Pick your favourite medium. The best way to get the latest deals is to subscribe to my newsletter at

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