Bee Bold Makebox review

I got another Makebox for Mother’s Day this year – the Bee Bold kit – and have finally found time to finish it! (You can check out my review of the Bee Kind box here)

The kit contained everything needed to make 2 embroidery pictures, one of a flowery bee, made using satin stich, catherine wheel stitch for the roses and my favourite – french knots. The other was a rainbow, made using chain stitch, with flowers at either end. The kit included charcoal paper to transfer the design, pins, a needle, thread felt backing and ribbon so these can be hung on the wall in their hoops. There was also a sweet Bee Happy postcard to embroider.

flowery bee
Flowery bee

The instructions were short and straightforward, although could have been a bit more detail to confirm it was always 3 strands used throughout. For the postcard, I found that six strands looked better as it filled more of the space. The charcoal paper was easy to use to transfer the picture to the fabric. The use of lots of satin stitch (or filling stitch) made the pictures come to life quickly, always good when fitting crafting around a busy life. I went a bit rogue and used leaf stitch rather than satin stitch for my leaves! I also used more french knots than suggested – I love that stitch!

My favourite to make was the bee as I loved the picture and this will definitely be hanging on my craft wall very soon.

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