Upcycled lamp

Kitsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer containing precious metal, celebrating the full life of the piece and making something beautiful out of something broken.

This was my inspiration for this upcycled lamp. As you can see, it is an old lamp base made out of an oriental style vase and had a lot of areas where the paint had chipped away.

A chipped vase

I used gold leaf to fill in these gaps before painting over with a clear varnish (I actually used nail varnish here!). I think it looks a lot better and means I can keep it in our guest bedroom rather than throwing it away!

Gold leaf applied

Things I used in this project:

  • Gold leaf
  • A dry paintbrush to brush off excess gold leaf
  • Gold leaf adhesive and a paintbrush to apply
  • Clear varnish to protect the gold leaf

This took quite a while to do as I had to work in small sections, allowing the adhesive to dry a little (follow the instructions on the bottle!) before applying the gold leaf.

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