meeple curtains with yellow, red, green and blue meeples
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Fabric Paint Meeple Curtains

Another lockdown, another lockdown project! This time, I wanted to brighten up our games room by zshushing up some plain curtains with brightly coloured meeples. Read on to find out how I created these fabric paint meeple curtains with a homemade stamp.

You will need:

  • craft foam
  • cardboard
  • pva glue
  • scissors or scalpel to cut out the foam
  • masking tape
  • fabric paint
  • paint brush or roller to spread the paint
  • curtains / material

To create the stamp, I (full disclosure – my husband did this bit as he’s a lot better with the scalpel than I am!) cut a large meeple shape out of the craft foam and then stuck it to a square of chunky cardboard using the pva glue. I added a loop of masking tape to the back of the cardboard to form a handle. I made four of these for the four different colours I wanted.

A meeple stamp

Once the glue was dried, I used a paintbrush to apply the fabric paint to the stamps. The stamps worked best when they were fully loaded with paint to the edge.

Then I applied the stamp to the plain curtains in a random pattern at the bottom of the curtains with a few “tumbling” meeples dropping in. I’m super happy with these meeple curtains now hanging in our games room.

The curtains rehung

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