red and white rope candy canes

Rope Candy Canes

These rope candy canes are super simple to make and feature macrame rope and wool, so you can use up your yarn stash.

You will need:

Macrame rope (I went for 10mm thick to get chunky candy canes)

Wool (I went for double knit red and white from my existing stash)

Floristry wire

Cut a length of rope as large as you want your candy cane, I did this by eye and these are roughly 17cm long.

Wrap the rope with floristry wire, leaving 1cm at each end for fraying. I went forward and back with the wire so it was doubled before cutting off, making sure any sharp ends were pointed towards the rope.

Candy cane in progress

Then tie on your wool over the wire, again leaving the 1cm at each end for fraying and keep wrapping until the rope is completely covered.

To finish, tie the wool at one end. Then shape into a candy cane shape by bending the top over and brush out the ends to fray them. I used my fingers for this.

To add another colour, simply tie the different coloured wool at one end, then wrap per the picture below and tie off at the other end.

The finished candy cane

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