fabric christmas tree wall hanging
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Upcycled fabric Christmas tree wall hanging

I have a quilted wall hanging that I made a couple of years ago and I love it, but it’s autumnal so I always feel I have to put it away at Christmas. This year I decided to make it reversible so that back is now an upcycled Christmas tree wall hanging and I can have it up in my house for longer! This was also a great scrap buster for green material!

First, I edged the wall hanging with red material from an old pair of curtains. This formed a nice 4 inch border frame for the picture.

A nice red border

Next I arranged a selection of green fabrics into a pattern. I sewed each piece together right side to right side to form one long piece of patchwork fabric.

Arranging the fabric

Then I cut out a large triangle to form the tree and sewed it on with simple running stitch.

The tree starts to take shape

I found this festive bow in my box of decorative wrapping material (yes I keep all attractive bows and wrapping paper!) and sewed it on at the top.

Finally, the wooden trunk is a matchbox I saved from my honeymoon – I’m a romantic! I doubled up my thread to poke through the carboard of the matchbox and attach it.

The final festive wall hanging

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