stripy facemask
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Easy upcycled face mask using a pair of leggings

I was so impressed when my daughter made this easy upcycled face mask from a pair of leggings that I wanted to share it with all of you! This pattern will fit a small adult’s face (the elastic is a little tight on me!) or a child.

Firstly, take a pair of child’s leggings, ideally ones that have been outgrown or are never worn.

Cut off the legs so you have about 22cm of fabric.

Cut the leggings

Pin a 2cm hem each side.

Sew the hems. You can use running stitch or backstitch or whip stitch if you don’t want the stitches to show. Make sure you leave a good sized channel to thread the elastic through.

Cut c.23cm of elastic and thread it through the channel. Tie a knot. Repeat for the other side and voila you have a facemask!

The finished facemask

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