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Autumn Wreath

I love crafts you can do in one afternoon with the kids and this autumn wreath fits the bill. It’s super simple and can be made out of leaves and conkers you find outside and recycled materials so it’s free!

You will need:

  • Leaves and conkers
  • A drill (other half swears by this brand of drill)
  • An old wire hanger, stretched out or floristry wire
  • A ribbon to decorate
  • Pliers (if you’re using a coat hanger)

First drill holes in the conkers to the size of your wire. Then thread on the conkers and leaves however you like to make the wreath. I found the leaves facing up looked nicer and the kids added a nice randomness to the design whereas I was tempted to be too clinical (no exactly 4 conkers then 3 leaves!).

wreath in progress

Once you’ve got your wreath to the length you want it, join the ends of the wire. I left about an inch of wire at either end of the coat hanger then used pliers to create little hooks to attach the ends in a circle before closing them with the pliers.

Cover any exposed wire with ribbon in a nice bow, I used a brown ribbon from an old christmas present. Add a loop of ribbon to hang and voila – one autumn wreath.

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