painted a frame den

Pallet den

During lockdown, we made a pallet den (that’s a den made out of pallets we had lying around). It took around a day to make and another day to paint.

We had several wooden pallets lying around, including one vertical one with 4 long upright supports. We used these as the frame by cutting the ends at a 45 degree angle. Then we fixed a pair of these together by using an offcut and screwing it to the top to make a V shape or A-frame. Repeat with the second pair.

Then we used the shortest piece of wood as a measure and cut all the other pieces to size, with the exception of the top 10 boards which we left long to make a porch. [Note – this was a mistake! After several bumps on the heads, we decided the porch had to go and this has since been removed!]

The den

Working from the bottom up on each side, the horizontal boards were fixed to the uprights and the den started taking shape.

To join the two together, we put a horizontal in at the back of the den at the bottom and then attached more pallet pieces vertically to fill the back. Although you could leave the back and just attach the A frame at the top.

We then used left over outside paint to paint it and my daughter added the coloured spots, again using leftover paint. Here’s a link to similar paint.

an a frame den painted white with pink and turquoise spots
The painted den

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