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Would your child like to be included in a book? If the answer is yes, complete the form below with their thoughts on coronavirus!

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Children will be quoted using their first name and age, if provided, otherwise quotes will be anonymous.

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  • Lucy Reed

    Amelie aged 6 “Coronavirus means staying inside, I feel happy because I got to play more at home with my family and myself. I liked it when I was actually zooming with my class, it was kind of fun because we played games like Heads down, thumbs up and hangman. It also made me feel sad because I missed my friends and wished I could be with them again. I would laugh to hide my sadness. My favourite ice cream shop had to shut down forever ! I wish I could give them some money to open the shop again. I am feeling a little bit empty because everything is now getting shut down because of the coronavirus”

    Juliana aged 10 “ it’s a real problem, it is ok to be scared as long as you keep a distance you won,t get it and will keep everyone safe. People joke about it when people are actually dying, it’s not a funny thing as people have lost people from it. I want it to end, it makes me feel upset because people don,t deserve to die because of it. Everyone has a responsibility to look after each other even if you don’t like them. I felt really emotional when mummy got the coronavirus because she could have died and we could have lost her forever. I felt happy that mummy was helping other people as a nurse but scared about her getting sick again. Daddy had to go to work and run a school for vulnerable children and I felt scared as he was going into a different county and we didn’t know how many people were sick there. I worried about our grandparents as they are much much older and we haven’t seen them for a long time and they live quite far away and they have weaker bodies. I felt a bit down as my auntie had a baby and we couldn’t see him at all in case he got sick “

    Callum aged 12 “ it’s kind of hard I guess, you can’t go out like you want to, you go to school and don’t know if someone in your class or year has it, I don,t even know if I have it! The work that you got given was hard when you didn’t have class mates or teachers to go to for help. I got confused more than normal. It was sad that people were dying and I worried about the amount. It went down but now I have heard it’s going right back up. It’s so frustrating. Work is easier now everyone is back at school but the teachers can’t come close to help us but I have class mates. Moving around the school is kind of annoying as we have to go all the way around school to get to where we are going. We have to spray our desks every time we leave the classroom and sanitise our hands “

    • Gemma Clatworthy

      Thanks for sending these in Lucy. I’m always amazed by what children think of this craziness and how they are reacting to it.