St Mary’s Church, Whitchurch

machine embroidery of St Mary's Church, Whitchurch
St Mary’s Church, Whitchurch, Cardiff

My very first “commission”! I was so excited when someone I love very much asked me to machine embroider the church they got married in.

To start, I printed some pictures they sent me and used a light box (similar to this one) to trace this onto paper. I added a touch of artistic license on the angle to get both the entrance and the gorgeous arch in the picture.

Next, I traced the image onto plain white fabric using a pencil and the light box again. Then I cut out the shapes from my fabric stash for the trees, a couple of gravestones and the colourful notice board I wanted to highlight. I attached these to the drawing using bondaweb and then I was off with my machine in a bold black thread. As my teacher once told me, any wiggly lines add character!

Due to Covid-19, I’m going to post this rolled up in a parcel rather than trying to choose a frame, so that’s it, all done.

Photos of St Mary's Church, Whitchurch
St Mary’s Church, Whitchurch (photos from tripadvisor and St Mary’s facebook page respectively)

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